New updates and improvements to Blogely.

  1. Focus mode - is a new feature for writers in Blogely.

    We have just released a new addition - FOCUS MODE. This feature was requested by many writers who want a destruction-free mode and a better focus on writing.

    ​It fades out everything in the block text editor except for the writing space that you are currently working on to stay in the flow and focus.​

    Clicking on this icon in the block editor view will take you to focus mode, which helps you concentrate on writing.

    Blogely- block focus mode view 2

    Return to the normal block editor by clicking the "End focus mode" icon.

    Blogely- block focus mode end
  2. My YouTube channel The Roadmap now hosts a series of interviews with startup founders.

    In this interview, we have Uyi Abraham. Founder of Vonza.

    About big dreams, Nigeria, $200 in the pocket, survival, hustle, growth. Mistakes and errors. Building a team, thriving. Lessons learned.

    What does it take to be a founder of a startup? Can these skills be learned and developed? As part of this series, we ask questions, listen to their stories, and look for common traits.

    A startup is the right choice for those who wish to be one of the movers and shakers of our time if they are passionate about the business they wish to build and the problems they wish to solve.


  3. We know that responsive and intuitive user interface design can lead to better onboarding and app usage results.

    We are rolling out the new Blogely UI upgrade and here are some principles we have followed.


    Simplicity. A simple user interface is better. We avoid unnecessary elements or design elements that could lead to confusion.

    Consistency. To ensure that users understand the application quickly, we used familiar UI elements throughout the application.

    Easy navigation. We make sure that the menu is not hard to find. We make sure each part of the app is clearly labeled in the navigation menu and place them in strategic places so users can find them quickly.

    Appropriate typography. We tested different typographies and chose the one that suits our brand.

    Suitable colors and textures. We made sure to use colors and textures appropriately to grab your attention.

    Effective user control. We gave you as much control as possible, including default options, flexibility, and more.

    Optimal accessibility. We made sure that the user interface is accessible and visible to any type of user, and that the user can get where they need to go.


  4. Create an outline with multiple blocks with one click - "Multi-blocks".

    If you want to create an outline and fill in multiple blocks in a modal window, you can do it now. Click the New button and when you have written the title of the first block, click ENTER (instead of the OK button).



    • Fixed styles in Research Doc.
    • Fixed outline (for RD) - lost visibility to the last block.
    • Fixed sequencing issue of blocks in the outline.
    • Fixed filters on content Marketplace main view.
    • Added bookmarks and counts.
    • Marketplace page "Talents" fixes: filters, favorites become clickable, cut letters in profile description are fixed, adding a profile to favorites, search box.
    • Settings>Freelancer: added placeholder messages.

    New feature added:

    • Create an outline with multiple blocks in one click - "Multiblock"

  5. If you want to grab a text from a PDF file, it's fine to open the file in a PDF viewer and copy and paste the content. However, sometimes you have a longer PDF document from which you want to extract all the text and images to reuse it in some way. Blogely can help you do that by parsing the PDF from the document into your article or research document.

    All you need to do is import a PDF file into your article or research doc.

    Import PDF as the article:


    Extract PDF into an existing article:


    Imported data (text and images) is added to an existing article and divided into blocks. Each block = 1 page PDF.

    Extract PDF into an existing Research Doc:


    Same as in the article imported data (text and images) is added to an existing article and divided into blocks. Each block = 1 page PDF.


    • Fixed pagination in the article’s in Outline view: if the user changes blocks in the “Load more” mode – blocks will be shown on the right side.
    • Fixed SEO score - it must show a score for a selected primary keyword.
    • Fixed insertion of a long URL in Settings/Integrations "Connected services"

    Added feature: Google Doc, blog article URL

    Now users can import additional content directly into the existing article.



    Added feature: PASTE TEXT

    Now users can paste text in a special window. Blogely will convert this text into multiple blocks if H2 headers are used.


    Added importing content into Research Doc.


    Added additional price plan: FREELANCER

    It is meant to be for users (obviously, freelancers) who do not need a CMS website connection and produce work only for their clients.

    Improvements on Freelancer plan: export to Clipboard, added a dynamic update of the selected price plan after the coupon has been applied.



    • Content menu alignment corrected.
    • Calendar, Settings: time zone bug fixed.
    • Fixes for hidden block – toggle block visibility (Hide/Unhide functionality).
    • Added tooltip to eye in Article’s editor.
    • Research Doc fixes: button “Analyze” fixed, the link in Results opens in a new tab, “Add links with paragraphs” fixed
    • Fixes for Backups and Restore - changes are now saved.
    • Fixes on the trial plan. A user on Trial can't change the plan (Billing) to Solo etc.
    • Fixed outline view: “Hide” and “Complete” are clickable, bug with clicking on a block in Outline after the Backup is restored (“/undefined in link”) fixed.
    • Fixed blog import.
    • Fixed pagination visual issue.
    • Fixed “Issues” in Collaboration, scroll added, back from “Collaborators” to “Workflow” added, and other visual problems.
    • Added ability to delete the imported file


    • Tooltips “Hidden block”, “Team collaboration”, “Full article preview” added.
    • Fixed bug on Teams (Workflow): “Collaborators” button and back action work correctly.
    • Fixed bug with creating links: now users can create links by selecting the text.
    • Calendar: fixed addition of many articles on one calendar date.
    • Workflow (Library): fixed bug of moving from “Related all” to “All”
    • Research Docs (Keywords): visual bug fixed.

    NEW: Full article preview


    Now you can preview the article you write in full directly from the block.


    NEW: Team collaboration


    Clicking on the Collaboration icon will open the left panel.


    NEW: Hidden block.

    Users can hide or unhide blocks.

    Hidden blocks can not be published, will not be visible in Portfolio, and will not be counted in SEO optimization.


    Block is hidden:



  6. NEW: Full Blog Sync

    New Feature

    NEW: Blog sync feature


    ​NEW: Now you are able to sync the complete blog list from your website.

    ​Bring your entire blog article list in seconds. Decide what you want to import. Selectively import articles from this list for future improvement, optimization, or complete revision.


    ​During the import process, not only is the blog post imported but a relationship is created between your blog post in WordPress and the Blogely article. You can improve or rewrite your content, enrich it with images or gifs, make it SEO optimized, and... publish it directly back to your website.


    ​Once it's imported and published, you can make improvements and republish the article as many times as needed. Initial publishing is limited according to your plan, but republishing doesn't count against your limit. Publish as often as necessary.

    Note: your WordPress site must be connected in Settings/Integrations.


    • Quick and organized import of full blog list.
    • Articles imported using Blog sync will automatically link all required information:

    - Blog URL

    - Post ID (you will be able to publish it back to the same ID)

    - Slug

    - Author

    - Publish date

    • No more guessing whether all content has been imported into Blogely
    • Fast access to imported articles
    • Organization - folder assignment during import.
    • Two-way sync with WordPress blog - allow resynching of posts. No issue if blog posts were imported in the past and then edited in WordPress. You just need to import it again. In this case, we will leave your current version in Blogely as a backup and replace the content with a new version from WordPress.