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Blogely AI writer options

The AI writer assistant for content creators in Blogely was announced a few months ago. We are very excited to share with you the first version of the AI Assistant and how we envision the content creation process.


Below is a list of the current AI features in Blogely’s content writing assistant. ​


Please submit suggestions on our Roadmap if you would like to see more options added.

What is special about Blogely approach?

Few things that make Blogely unique.

  • #1. ALL-IN-ONE. It is not just an AI app. It has everything you need to manage end-to-end workflow for your content creation. Research, organization of all (snippets, notes, videos, files, links.. etc) content assets, SEO optimization, workflow management, collaboration, integrated publishing to WordPress (and other CMS), and a lot more…

  • #2. The SPLIT-SCREEN approach. An easy in-editor interface with a unique view. You can easily access any saved asset type (notes, files, videos, AI snippets, etc.).

  • #3. VIDOENOTES It is a special screencast feature that is similar to Loom or CloudApp. Save video recordings for future reference like notes. Collaborate using video recordings. Assign or unassign video recordings to documents and articles.

In-editor AI writer

It is hard to keep up with all the companies offering content creation AI software.

Many of them offer a wide range of options and deliver results that are more or less up to the expectations of picky users. Built-in AI editor that allows more than just copy and paste – it creates content on the click. An AI text editor not only edits and formats plain text but also embeds AI functionality into it.

Here is the screenshot of the in-app Blogely AI writer.



Use of credits for AI requests

Credits can help you save money on content creation by ensuring that you only pay for what you use. You would only be charged for the amount of content you generate using AI that was created. This can help you save money on content creation by only paying for what you use.

You will be charged every time (in credits) you click on the button and request a response. Note that you can also add content to the already created snippet by clicking on the “+” icon.

Clicking on the icon “Regenerate” – will replace the content in the same group.

Help with an article outline

An AI writing assistant uses data to learn what good writing looks like, and then uses predictive analysis and (NLP) to help you write better. AI writing assistants are becoming more powerful and are a good way to overcome writer’s block.


You can use Blogely’s AI outline generator to get not only the outline but also ideas for your next topic using it as a generator.


This is just one small example of how you can use AI Outline builder.

Selecting AI brings you to this view. You need to choose the general topic and add the keywords you want to emphasize. The keywords you provide will direct AI responses in the direction you desire.

Blogely split-screen view of AI writer assistance

One of the biggest advantages of using Blogely is a split screen feature that allows content creators easy and convenient navigation to content storage and fast access to any previously saved digital assets. It works like a digital hub.


It is your personal assistant.

Use AI writer in Blogely as your personal assistance.

Choose the best for your needs

All Ai-generated snippets are being stored in the Blogely content hub for future reference.

You can always reuse it by simply selecting the filter to “All” and finding for your need from your storage.

Use bookmarks to highlight snippets as your favorites.



AI summarizer saves you time

Blogely creates article summaries using AI writer. A summary can be generated for all or selected blocks.


Make an AI writer assistant a part of your blogging life

​It is true that the hype around AI writing assistants is real. Jumping on board early will benefit your content creation efforts. Writers, freelancers, and content professionals will benefit greatly from Blogely’s artificial intelligence writing assistant.