New updates and improvements to Blogely

Updates and bug fixes in September 2021

New Feature
  • Fixed pagination in the article’s in Outline view: if the user changes blocks in the “Load more” mode – blocks will be shown on the right side.
  • Fixed SEO score - it must show a score for a selected primary keyword.
  • Fixed insertion of a long URL in Settings/Integrations "Connected services"

Added feature: Google Doc, blog article URL

Now users can import additional content directly into the existing article.



Added feature: PASTE TEXT

Now users can paste text in a special window. Blogely will convert this text into multiple blocks if H2 headers are used.


Added importing content into Research Doc.


Added additional price plan: FREELANCER

It is meant to be for users (obviously, freelancers) who do not need a CMS website connection and produce work only for their clients.

Improvements on Freelancer plan: export to Clipboard, added a dynamic update of the selected price plan after the coupon has been applied.